How to Acoustically Treat Your Office for Better Productivity

Jan 13, ’23


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How to Acoustically Treat Your Office for Better Productivity

No matter what your industry, the basic elements of an office environment doesn’t change much—desks and chairs, computers and phones, pens and paper, etc. And while these items don’t directly impact productivity, there are two elements that can have a significant impact on how well employees work: temperature and sound. That’s why it’s so important to know how to acoustically treat your office in order to create the best working environment possible for you and your staff.

Why Acoustic Panels Are Important

Acoustic panels are an inexpensive way to create a more pleasant environment in the office. They absorb sound waves, so employees don’t need to shout when they want to talk on the phone or hold a meeting. That means fewer interruptions from people wandering by your desk and reduced stress from noise. Acoustic panels can also reduce tinnitus symptoms and improve sleep quality at night. Acoustic panels help make your office more attractive by making it quieter and cosier.

How To Position Absorption Panels

No matter what the size of your office, you should always place acoustic panels in the following places:

  • In any shared spaces, keep conversations private.
  • Behind your desk ensure that your voice carries well enough for others to hear you.
  • In a meeting room with hard surfaces to soften sounds and help everyone hear each other better.
  • In cubicles or private offices where workers may be easily distracted by outside noises.

Room Size Consideration

One of the things you will want to consider when looking at acoustic panels is the size of your office space. The more square footage, the larger panels you will need. For example, if your office is 10′ x 20′, you’ll need two 4′ x 8′ panels or one 8′ x 16′ panel. You can also use a combination of different sizes in order for a room of that size to have good acoustics. Want to improve your workplace productivity? Get in contact with Vibe by vision today, and we can make tailor-made office solutions to your liking.

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