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Portable Free Standing Sound Absorbing Panels

Our Vibe Virtual Wall isn’t just any wall – it’s your wall. We’ve crafted it to flex, adapt, and mould to your individual needs, promising not only top-notch sound quality but also a look that catches the eye. We provide a broad range of fabric choices, including our unique Calmtone panels. And the best part? You can customise these panels to fit your vision or even brand them to match your style. With such a tailored design, the Vibe Virtual Wall will feel right at home in any setting.

Elevate your acoustic experience with Vibe’s portable free standing sound absorbing panels and bring your vision to life today!

In today’s modern workplaces and homes, creating private and comfortable spaces has become more important than ever. With open floor plans and shared spaces becoming the norm, it can be difficult to find a space to concentrate or have a private conversation. This is where acoustic room dividers come in, offering a practical and stylish solution for creating private spaces that are acoustically sound.

To achieve this, businesses are increasingly turning to innovative solutions such as modular office desks. These versatile workstations offer a range of benefits, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and customisation options. By creating a workspace that is tailored to the specific needs of their employees, companies can boost productivity and enhance collaboration.

Vibe by Vision’s mobile room dividers is designed to provide soundproofing and visual separation in shared spaces. These acoustic room divider panels are made from materials that absorb sound, such as fabric-wrapped acoustic panels, which help to reduce unwanted noise and create a more peaceful and private environment. Acoustic dividers come in a variety of styles and designs, including wall partitions, floor standing screens, and free standing screens. Whether you’re looking to create a private workspace or simply want to reduce noise and improve acoustics in a shared space, a soundproof room divider is definitely worth considering.

Wall partitions have become an increasingly popular solution for creating flexible and functional office spaces. With the rise of open-concept office designs, wall partitions offer a practical way to divide up space and provide necessary privacy without sacrificing natural light or openness. Acoustic office partitions, in particular, have become a popular choice for reducing noise levels and distractions in busy office environments. These partitions are designed with sound-absorbing materials and can be customised to meet specific acoustical requirements. They not only offer an effective way to reduce unwanted noise but also help to create a more peaceful and productive work environment. With various styles and designs available, acoustic office partitions are a versatile and practical solution for modern offices looking to create a more efficient and comfortable work environment.

Free standing screens are the chameleons of the space-dividing world, effortlessly adapting to the ever-changing needs of a shared environment. These free standing sound absorbing panels can transform a single room into a dynamic, multi-functional space. Some screens specialize in reducing noise levels, making them perfect for open-concept offices or classrooms where peace and quiet are paramount. With their sound-absorbing materials, noise reduction screens create a peaceful bubble that can help increase focus and productivity.

Floor standing screens are the ultimate solution for creating a professional and adaptable office environment. As a versatile and dynamic tool in the room-dividing world, they offer unparalleled freedom in creating a workspace that is both private and comfortable. Available in various sizes, styles, and materials, these screens can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of any business.

Don’t let noisy and distracting workspaces disrupt your productivity! Take soundproofing to the next level with acoustic screens and create a private and acoustically sound environment in your workplace.

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