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Acoustic Treatment Project



Custom: Shaped

The Acoustic Treatment

24 mm compressed polyester suspended soundproof ceiling panel triangles cut to shape.

Glide ceiling suspended shaped panel:

Vibe by Vision created suspended soundproof ceiling panels for ARUP using 24mm compressed polyester material. These panels were cut into triangles and shaped to fit into a glide ceiling suspension system.

The compressed polyester material is commonly used in acoustic panels due to its ability to absorb sound and reduce echoes in a room. By suspending the panels from the ceiling, they are able to effectively block sound and improve the overall acoustics of a space.

The triangular shape of the panels adds an element of visual interest to the ceiling, while also providing a functional solution for soundproofing. The glide ceiling suspension system allows for easy installation and adjustment of the panels as needed.

Overall, Vibe by Vision’s acoustic panels for ARUP provide both practical and aesthetic benefits for improving the acoustics of a room. Call Us Today to start designing your very own sound absorbing office space!

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