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CCT College Dublin – Phase 2



Custom: Print, Lighting & Acoustics

The Acoustic Treatment

This project is, arguably, the most remarkable work we have accomplished at CCT College Dublin in terms of acoustic influence and integration of stunning visuals and artistry into the acoustics. It has completely revitalised a once uninspiring basement space, converting it into a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, and luminous environment incorporating our premier cooperative acoustic designs: the Calmtone and Light Stream systems.

As part of our comprehensive acoustic solution, we’ve strategically installed soundproof booths throughout the transformed CCT College Dublin basement. These secluded spaces, designed with impeccable acoustic technology, provide an environment optimal for private conversations, team meetings or individual study, ensuring that noise interference is minimised.

Additionally, to further enhance the overall comfort and acoustic quality of the space, we’ve incorporated plush acoustic seating. These seats not only provide a comfortable place to sit, study or converse, but they also contribute to the overall acoustics of the room. Engineered with sound-absorbing materials, these seats aid in reducing noise reverberation, thereby creating a serene and tranquil environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

Our modern wall panels, available in a multitude of shapes and colours, bring a contemporary touch to any area. Calmtone, composed of 65% recycled PET, is one of our most versatile products, offering endless possibilities for your project.

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