CCT College Dublin – Phase 1

Acoustic Treatment Project





Calmtone Lighting CCT 043

CCT College Dublin – Phase 1

Calmtone combined with LED light strips

Vibe created this amazing design for CCT College which involves two of our most collaborative acoustic designs which involves us using our calmtone and light stream design. 

Our cutting-edge wall panels offer a contemporary touch to any room, with a variety of shapes and colours to fit your unique design preferences. Calmtone, made from 65% recycled PET, is one of our most versatile products, providing limitless possibilities for your project.

But why stop there? Our expert team has also developed custom lighting solutions, seamlessly integrated into all of our acoustic systems. With precise luminosity and dimmer control, our Light Stream technology offers a mesmerising range of patterns and effects to transform your space into a captivating work of art.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with Vibe’s custom acoustic systems and Light Stream technology. Contact us today to create your very own tailor-made masterpiece.

Contact Today to start creating your dream office with our customisable acoustic panels that are tailored to you!


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