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Horizon Therapeutics HQ, Dublin



Custom: Acoustics, Print &Laser

The Acoustic Treatment

At Vision, our bespoke strategy towards the Horizon Therapeutics project was rooted in the creation of a cohesive visual language that spanned the six unique floors. This visual communication was meticulously woven throughout the six individual floors using all our in-house resources, creating a sense of unity and thematic continuity.

The use of our stretch fabric acoustic panel and Vibe Laser wall acoustic panels was fundamental in the actualisation of this project. As part of our in-house laser equipment, we made use of a powerful etching and cutting tool to create custom patterns and designs on our acoustic panels and felts. This acoustic engineering allowed us to generate truly unique and personalised designs that perfectly reflected the values of Horizon Therapeutics, ensuring that their unique style echoed throughout the space

The Transformation

Customised Bass Felt with Laser Etching

A standout innovation in our project was the introduction of the Bass acoustic wall panel. This transformative stretch fabric system redefines the acoustic characteristics of any environment it inhabits. This unique system not only intensifies the auditory experience, but also contributes to a visually appealing aesthetic within the space.

Complementing this, our in-house laser equipment was deployed to meticulously etch and cut custom patterns and designs into our acoustic panels and felts. This operation enabled the crafting of uniquely personalised designs, each one serving as a mirror to Horizon Therapeutics’ distinct style, imbuing every space with a signature reflection of their identity.

Creating a Cohesive Visual Language

By merging innovative technology with intricate design, we achieved more than just a spatial transformation—we brought to life the ethos of Horizon Therapeutics. This project stands as a testament to the significant impact of human elements in the industry of medicinal advancement and patient care, highlighting our ability to forge an environment that breathes life into these principles.

3D Renders

 Our design team used carefully designed 3D images and renders of the space, creating detailed pictures that truly reflected the values of Horizon Therapeutics. This authentic representation of the company’s values was then brought to life by our skilled installation team, transforming the digital designs into a tangible, physical reality.


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