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Acoustic Treatment Project




Calmtone Fins Baffles Ceiling Invesco 02


Vision produced and installed the Vibe Duet system. Vision used a duet layer of 3mm felt and 5mm cut-out shapes felt with a 24 mm (calmtone) compressed polyester backing. The project also included whiteboards and digital displays. The bespoke system had a Class C acoustic rating.

By incorporating lighting in the booths we enhanced the overall feel of these small spaces.

Using two layers of 12mm Calmtone Acoustic Wall Panels a 3D effect was achieved to add dimensionality to the world map and enhance the acoustic treatment effect. Calmtone Fins Suspended sound-absorbing ceiling tiles were also used.

Architects: MOLA Architecture



Calmtone & Clamtone Fins

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