Acoustic Treatment Projects

Explore Vibe By Vision’s projects to learn about our extensive acoustic range offerings, delivering bespoke solutions for your space.

Printed Bass Wall coca cola 8

Coca Cola

Vision subsidiary company Vision Vibe acoustics designed, produced and installed the environmental branding which consisted of

Calmtone Printed Amazon 1


Vision engaged with HLW Architects, Structure tone and the client to

develop a rebranding and refresh of

custom printed vision vibe acoustic fabric 01


Vision fitted over 7 floors of the Vision vibe acoustic wall with 50mm acoustics core and

Virtual Wall GoogleTeamPod 05

Google Team Pod Dublin

The Vision team designed and installed a series of custom designed portable free standing sound absorbing

Calmtone fins


This project required some additional acoustics around the recreational area to allow for a more quiet

Virtual Portable FreeStanding Screen Hubspot 02


Vision designed and manufactured a mobile partition screen that allows a magnetic glass whiteboard and acoustic

Vision Vibe fins 2 1

Vibe Blade

Vertical Calmtone fins as suspended acoustic ceiling panels with linear LED stripes.



24 mm compressed polyester suspended soundproof ceiling panel triangles cut to shape.

Vibe Glide perspective


Acoustic Treatment realised with Vibe Glide Suspended Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles. Installation of Bass panels incorporated into

Calmtone Fins Baffles Ceiling Invesco 02


Vision produced and installed the Vibe Duet system. Vision used a duel layer of 3mm felt

Vibe Glide sound absorbing ceiling tile


Subtle integration of additional suspended sound absorbing ceiling tiles. It is possible to change the colour scheme

Glide Ceiling BNY 01

BNY, Bank of New York

Vision manufactured and installed Vibe Glide sound absorbing ceiling tiles. With careful use of colours additional

Vibe Executive ceiling with lighting intergated through bulkhead and vision vibe wall with fabric wrapped edge featured on curved wall 04


Vision produced and installed the Vision Vibe system for the ceilings with lighting intergated through bulkhead



Vibe installed hanging Calmtone acoustic ceiling panels with a custom cut-out design. 
Calmtone Cut-out Pattern

Acoustic Wall Panel · Vibe Calmtone design

Google Amsterdam

Vision was engaged by Google’s project management in Ireland to collaborate with them on their project

Laser Etched Calmtone LightGrey RaboBank 124137


The Vision Branding team produced and installed glass manifestations, wall graphics and laserer etched acoustic panels

Bass Grey Wall Docusign 1912 004


Vision produced and installed the signage, acoustics, whiteboards and fabric stretched system. The vision vibe fabric

mongodb header

Mongo DB

Wall acoustic treatment with 44m of compressed polyester. Black mirror effect blackboard integrated in the wall

Calmtone alternate pattern Grey Yellow Mastercard 01


MasterCard, the payment industry leader, chose Vision to communicate their brand culture in their EMEA Headquarter

Calmtone Layered Yellow Amgen 03


Vision designed, produced and installed the visual communications for their new facilities. Dynamic and functional acoustic

Bass Acoustic Wall Panel VisionStudios 014

Vision Studios

Vision produced and installed the Bass system for the fabric wrapped edge walls for the Vision

Google 1GCP header

Google 1GCP

Vision produced and installed the forest system on walls, using Filz wool felt in diferents colours.


Wave acoustic wall Blue ESB 02


Vibe Wave was installed to maximise the acoustic rating and create a homely environment. Vision installed

Calmtone PureBlack Asana 084


Vision vibe acoustic wall with 50mm acoustics core and acoustic fabric printed and stretched into the

Printed Stretched and led strip Sonar SIG 2


Showcase of 50 and 25 mm custom Sonar panels with custom printed Calmtone panel.

Sonar Custom Print

Horizon T 4 vibe bass laser 1 scaled 1


Bass felt with laser Etching customisation