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Acoustic Wall Panels

Introducing our Class A bespoke acoustic wall panels, made in Ireland for superior sound absorption.

Crafted with precision to minimise noise disturbance, our panels are the ideal choice for enhancing acoustics in a range of architectural and engineering applications, including offices, studios, and auditoriums.

From artwork prints to laser cutting, customisation possibilities are endless.

Vibe by Vision an industry leader in the acoustic market, offers a diverse range of acoustic wall panels that have been designed to enhance auditory experiences paired with industry-leading sustainable approaches to acoustic wall panels in Ireland.

Vibe has worked on numerous projects of fitting acoustic wall panels in Dublin forging strategic partnerships with prominent enterprises to spearhead a transformative era of state-of-the-art sound absorption solutions

Vibe’s decorative acoustic wall panel designs, combine advanced materials with the latest design trends.

They don’t just work well, though—they also create peaceful spaces where you can focus, have good conversations, and escape from all the noise in today’s busy world.

Vibe is always pushing the limits to make these sound solutions even better, setting new rules for the industry and changing how things are done.

Vibe offers a expansive variety of acoustic wall panels, encompassing distinct decorative sound absorbing wall panel designs that double as soundproofing solutions for interior walls.

These panels seamlessly blend style with functionality, offering an effective means of noise reduction while imparting a contemporary touch to any environment.

Additionally, for those seeking tailored design solutions, Vibe’s custom acoustic panels provide an excellent option to cater to specific aesthetic and functional design styles.

There are various types of soundproof wall coverings available from Vibe by Visions acoustic range, such as cork wall panels and moss wall panels, to give a stylish and useful approach to noise reduction while also providing a modern touch.

Decorative sound absorbing wall panels can be tailor-made to fit any space, ensuring that they seamlessly blend into any space.

At Vibe By Vision, we pride ourselves on offering a range of acoustic panel materials engineered to improve an environment’s audio levels.

Our core variants come with distinct properties and applications, catering to diverse acoustic solutions:

Core 1 – Basotect® Foam
Basotect® Foam is the pinnacle of acoustic materials. Its lightweight melamine foam is both fire-resistant and acoustically impressive. With a Class O fire rating at just 25 mm thickness, it excels in safety. Its sound absorption capabilities reach Class D at 25 mm and Class B at 50 mm. You can have large panels up to 2700 mm x 1200 mm for versatile installations. Basotect® Foam’s consistent colour allows fabricless ceiling applications. Manufactured sustainably in Germany, it’s an eco-friendly choice with 100% foam recycling.

Core 2 – Mineral Fiber
Mineral Fiber stands out as our top-performing acoustic panel, highly regarded for its exceptional sound absorption capabilities. Its inherent rigidity makes it a versatile choice, often doubling as a pinboard in office spaces. Achieving Class C sound absorption at a thickness of 25mm and ascending to Class A at 50 mm, it surpasses acoustic standards. This core boasts a Class A fire rating to EN 13 501-1, ensuring utmost safety. With a height of 2700 mm, it perfectly suits floor-to-ceiling applications, offering design flexibility. Notably, it possesses a density of 94kg per m², ensuring both durability and acoustic excellence.

Core 3 – Polyester
Polyester is a lightweight and eco-friendly option, composed of over 60% recycled PET bottles. Its exceptional fire resistance ensures safety, free from flames or toxic fumes. Its outstanding thermal and acoustic properties make it suitable for various applications, including acoustic baffles and wall panels. Like Mineral core, Polyester achieves Class C sound absorption at 25mm and Class A at 50mm, exceeding acoustic standards. It also achieves Euro Class B at EN 13501. Polyester is a preferred choice for ceiling applications, even over restaurant areas, a distinction from mineral core absorbers. With a density of 2.5kg per m², Polyester combines lightweight features with strength.

Vibe By Vision’s acoustic core variants offer tailored solutions: Core 1, Basotect® Foam, brings versatility and fire resistance; Core 2, Mineral Fiber, excels in sound absorption and strength; while Core 3, Polyester, combines eco-friendliness with fire resistance. Engineers and architects can confidently depend on these materials to meet their precise acoustic, safety, and sustainability requirements.

Vibe By Vision’s finishing options, including Recycled Polyester Felt, Wool Felt, and an extensive fabric collection bridge the gap between sound and design, offering solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Finish 1: Recycled Polyester Felt

At Vibe By Vision, we offer a versatile acoustic solution in the form of Recycled Polyester Felt. Comprising 96% recycled post-consumer polyester, this material is available in 2mm (600g/m2) or 4mm (1200g/m2) widths and an extensive range of 55 colours. Our polyester felt serves as both a decorative and functional element, effectively absorbing sound within home and office environments. With its diverse colour palette, it harmoniously complements various interior applications. This felt is compatible with our Vision Vellum, Duet, Wave, and Forest product lines, offering flexibility in design. Delivered in 750mm wide rolls, it can be conveniently adhered to walls, making installation hassle-free and environmentally responsible.

Finish 2: Wool Felt

Manufactured in Germany, Vibe By Vision proudly presents Wool Felt, a 100% wool felt material available in 2mm (600g/m2), 3mm (840g/m2), or 5mm (1400g/m2) widths. This premium wool felt can be backed by cork or polyester, offering both versatility and sound insulating properties. Our collection boasts an impressive spectrum of 75 colours, allowing for individualized design solutions. Compatible with our Vision Vellum, Duet, Wave, and Forest product ranges, this wool felt is delivered in 750mm wide rolls, simplifying wall installations. Notably, wool felt is not only biodegradable and compostable but also inherently durable and resilient, making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice.

Finish 3: Fabric

At Vibe By Vision, our acoustic systems offer endless possibilities for personalization and customization. We collaborate with leading acoustic manufacturers to provide a wide array of fabric options. This allows architects and engineers the freedom to tailor their projects to various colours, sizes, and acoustic requirements. Our commitment to versatility and quality ensures that our fabric solutions seamlessly integrate into your design visions, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustic performance.

Vibe By Vision remains your trusted partner in creating spaces where acoustics meet architecture, enriching the overall experience in every room.

Acoustic wall panels have become indispensable in numerous settings, from commercial offices to entertainment venues.

In commercial offices, where productivity hinges on focused work, meeting rooms equipped with sound-absorbing wall panels can create an oasis of concentration.

Theatres and home cinemas benefit from these panels by ensuring that every word and note is crystal clear.

In the world of creativity, such as recording studios, acoustic panels play a pivotal role in preserving the purity of sound.

Even in places of leisure and dining like restaurants, these panels can reduce noise levels, allowing people to talk comfortably.

In spaces where confidentiality reigns, such as banks and libraries, acoustic wall panels ensure that discussions remain discreet.

Vibe’s extensive collection of acoustic panels provides versatile solutions across these diverse settings.

From decorative sound-absorbing wall panels to 3D acoustic panels, acoustic wood wall panels, hemp panels, and more, the options are fully customisable to meet any project specifications.

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