Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels

Stretch beyond ordinary with our revolutionary fabric system.

Bass acoustic wall panel is a revolutionary stretch fabric system that elevates the acoustics of any space to new heights.

Bask in the comfort of a warm and inviting space primed for endless creativity and collaboration.

With a vast array of fabrics and felts at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

And the best part? Installation is a breeze – just mount Bass directly onto any wall.

Crafted with care in Ireland and the UK, you can trust Bass to bring harmony to your space.

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Panel size 2800mm – 1220mm. Available in two depths 25 and 50 mm.


Extruded Rigid PVC-U available in 50 mm and 25 mm depths.


We have a selection of 3 different core infills. Mineral core fiber, Polyester and Foam.


The Vibe Bass is designed to allow leading manufacturers in acoustic textiles and fabrics to be used inside the system. Standard panels are 140 cm. Wider fabrics are available upon request. Up to 10 years guarantee, depending on textile.

Acoustic resistance

25mm Class C – 50mm Class A

Installation system

Direct fix to wall. Built on site. Wall to wall and/or floor to ceiling.

Thermal Conductivity

0.039 W/mK Mineral Core Fibre, 0.035 W/mk Foam, 0.040 W/mK Polyester.

The Acoustic Mineral Fiber contained within the Vision Vibe Acoustic System complies with the BS EN 13501-1 A1-s1-d0. For the foam and polyester the rating is BS EN 13501-1 Class B s1 d0.

We recommend a selection of the stretch fabric coverings which meet the requirements of BS EN 13501-1 rating B-S1-d0. We also will provide additional fire retardancy treatments to achieve this.

  • Available in two depths 25 and 50 mm.
  • Incorporates switches, sockets and services.
  • Can be built around curved or angled walls.
  • Lighting can be added into the system.
  • Use textiles from brand leading manufacturers
  • In-house printing of images or graphics.
  • In-house laser etch graphics.
  • Anti-Microbial Performance on request.
  • Commercial Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Home Cinemas
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Libraries


Basotect® is a lightweight, open cell melamine foam.  It exhibits excellent fire resistance properties and as such does not flame or emit toxic fumes.  Due to its excellent thermal and acoustic properties it has countless applications including acoustic wall and ceiling panels.  This acoustic foam reaches Class O fire rating at 25 mm.  It is a great performing acoustic core reaching Class B sound absorption at 50 mm (Class D  at 25 mm).

The panels can be made as large as 2700 mm x 1200 mm and are perfect for floor to ceiling applications.

Due to the foams consistent colour it can be used without a fabric face as a simple solution for ceiling application.

Foam is manufactured in Germany – 100% of the foam scraps from manufacture of Vibe systems are recycled and reusable.

Density: 9 kg per m².

mineral fiber


The mineral core is our highest absorbing acoustic panel,  Due to its rigidity many offices tend to use this as multifunctional product by also using it as a pinboard.

It reaches Class A sound absorption at 50 mm (Class C  at 25mm).

The Core achieves Class A fire rating to EN 13 501-1.

This core also comes in 2700 mm height so it is perfect for most floor to ceiling applications.

Density: 94kg per m².




The polyester is a lightweight fiber product. It exhibits excellent fire resistance properties and as such does not flame or emit toxic fumes and is made from 60%+ recycled PET bottles. Due to its excellent thermal and acoustic properties, it has countless applications including acoustic baffles and acoustic wall panels.

Similar to the mineral core the polyester reaches Class A sound absorption at 50 mm (Class C  at 25mm). The core achieves Euro Class B at EN 13501 We use our polyester core in our ceiling applications as it can then still be used over restaurant areas unlike mineral core absorbers.

Density: 2.5kg per m².

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