Quiet—Acoustic Moss Panels

Be inspired by nature and introduce an organic visual impact factor to your space.

Transform your walls into a living, breathing work of art with our biophilic moss acoustic wall panels. Composed of real moss that is naturally preserved without the use of any chemicals.

Our panels offer the ultimate low-maintenance solution, providing a stunning depiction of nature without the need for high maintenance expenses. Immerse yourself in the unembellished beauty of nature, igniting a profound sense of emotion and tranquillity in your workspace.

Start exploring now and experience the future of acoustic solutions.

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20mm and 40mm substrate, covers all wall and ceiling spaces, including maps, clocks, letters, shapes, different finishes in either, basic volume/great volume.

Made to order.


varies as it’s a natural product.


Moss and a recycled PVC backing.

Naturally preserved, using a fluid that is so safe it is drinkable.

VOC Concentration

It reduces VOC gases.

Acoustic resistance

20mm substrate Class C

40mm Substrate Class A

Installation system

Direct fix, magnets, Z clips or can be supplied in a frame.

Colour fastness

Moss walls are sealed permanently using an all-natural mineral process, stopping it from fading and making it resistant to discolouration.


Due to the Organic preservation process, moss does not require maintenance as the moss is anti-static.


SO 6941 This product has been tested for burning behavior measurement of flame spread.


BS EN 13501 Class B s2 d0.

  • Available in two depths and custom design.
  • Can be built around curved or angled walls or ceiling.
  • Lighting can be added into the system.
  • Anti-Microbial Performance.
  • Commercial Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Home Cinemas
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Libraries

Moss Options

Basic moss

Wall cladding of full flat moss coverage and low-intensity coverage with ball moss. (3D Option)

Moss ball

Total coverage of ball moss.

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