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Sonar™ Hanging Acoustic Panels

Eco-Friendly Mountable Wall Panels Crafted From Recycled Irish MDF

The Sonar system is a hanging, removable acoustic wall panel with either a hidden or external demountable frame. It can be easily removed from the wall to access services behind the panel and is also transportable.

The system is entirely assembled in Ireland and crafted from MDF processing ‘waste’ sourced from the Irish sawmill sector. Our extensive Avoca fabric catalogue allows us to fulfil all bespoke design requests.

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Dimensions Panel size H 2800 mm – W 1220mm.
Track – Structure Frame
  • Made with MDF processing ‘waste’ from the Irish sawmill sector, in the form of wood chips.
  • Locally sourced with FSC certification.
  • 100% assembled in Ireland with the installation team based locally.
  • Standard panel depths are 25, 40 & 50mm, bespoke depths available on request.
  • Sonar Cells offer either a hidden or external frame, a demountable system that can be removed from the wall.
Core We have a selection of 3 different core infills: Mineral core fiber, Polyester, and Foam.
Fabric The Sonar system is designed to allow leading manufacturers of acoustic textiles and fabrics to be used inside the system.
Acoustic Resistance 25mm Class C – 50mm Class A
Installation System Z clips and magnets.
Thermal Conductivity
  • Mineral Core Fiber: 0.039 W/mK
  • Foam: 0.035 W/mK
  • Polyester: 0.040 W/mK
Fire Rating The Acoustic Mineral Fiber contained within the Vision Vibe Acoustic system complies with the BS EN 13501-1 A1-s1-d0.
For the foam and polyester, the rating is BS EN 13501-1 Class B s1 d0.
We recommend a selection of the stretch fabric coverings which meet the requirements of BS EN 13501-1 rating B-S1-d0.
We also will provide additional fire retardancy treatments to achieve this.
  • Available in two depths 25 and 50 mm.
  • Lighting can be added into the system.
  • Use textiles from brand leading manufacturers
  • In-house printing of images or graphics.
  • In-house laser etch graphics.
  • Anti-Microbial Performance on request.
  • Commercial Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Home Cinemas
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Libraries


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