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We Design Silence

Visual Branding
Acoustic Engineering

Art as Acoustics

Bespoke acoustic panels to showcase your favorite artworks

Our Clients

Dig deeper in our most innovative acoustic treatment achievements

We design and deploy beautiful acoustic panels, blending art and precision with artful engineering.

Acoustic Wall Panels

From fabrics to wood, we offer the best acoustic materials available combined with our ability to customise our panels to your unique requirements.
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Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Incorporating a diverse range of materials, sizes, colours, and shapes, our Acoustic Ceiling Baffles enhance architectural designs and diminish ambient noise in spaces.
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Acoustic Desk Screens

Office acoustic screens combine style, privacy, and sound reduction for a more private and functional workspace in open-plan environments.
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Our Sustainability Journey

Engineered for carbon negativity, biodegradability, and locally sourced across Ireland, the UK, and Germany, we provide total supply chain and material source transparency. 

Our research team has developed an innovative hemp acoustic insulation solution in line with these sustainable principles.

Our Most Successful Acoustic Projects

About Us

About Us

Vibe by Vision has merged 30 years of designing producing and installing environmental branding on global projects with a team from the manufacturing, sound engineering, acoustics consultancy, and lighting disciplines with a combined experience of over 75 years.

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Why Choose Us

Whether assistance is required at the seed stages of a project or if sign-off on a completed project is required, we are able to assist. Our total customisation process allows us to consider projects from several different acoustic angles, often resulting in more cost-effective, environmentally considered and practical solutions.

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