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We design and deploy beautiful decorative acoustic panels to make spaces more functional.

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Class A Sound Absorbing Panels for Your Workspace

Wall Panels

The Vision Vibe acoustic wall panels made in Ireland offer a selection of the best acoustic elements available for projects combined with our ability to customise to your bespoke requirements.
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Ceiling Panels

Vision VIBE offers a range of acoustic ceiling baffles and tiles that not only elevate the design and aesthetic of a space but also provide an extra degree of acoustic comfort by absorbing sound from above. Each panel is specifically designed for the designated space, ensuring that the ceiling acoustics complement the design of the room, whilst ensuring the acoustic properties of any space work to their best.
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Desk Screens

Vibe by Vision Modular Acoustic Desk Screen System is a fantastic way to divide the worker’s personal space, reduce sound, add colour and style in any open plan space, plus enhancing the acoustic performance of every office space, and makes it a better place to be in.
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Our Sustainability Journey

Vibes research team has developed a unique acoustics insulation from hemp which is carbon negative, biodegradable and produced locally in Ireland, UK and Germany. Vibe provides total transparency on the supply chain logistics and source of all our materials.

Acoustic Projects

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About Us

Vibe by Vision has merged 30 years of designing producing and installing environmental branding on global projects with a team from the manufacturing, sound engineering, acoustics consultancy, and lighting disciplines with a combined experience of over 75 years.

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Why Choose Us

Whether assistance is required at the seed stages of a project or if sign-off of a completed project is required we are able to assist. Our breadth of expertise allows us to consider projects from a number of different acoustic angles often resulting in more cost effective, environmentally considered and practical solutions.

If you're in need of ideas to light up your space, we have the best trends for 2023 – a plentiful selection of gorgeous ceiling light concepts to boost your creativity.

No matter what kind of job you have, an office usually has the same basic things: desks, chairs, computers, phones, and paper. But there are two things that critically affect your health in the workplace: temperature and sound.

Restaurants are one of the most common places to see acoustic panels being used these days, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the many benefits these panels can offer.

Most people who live in an apartment are familiar with noisy neighbours; sometimes, even, it may feel as if you live directly above one of the busiest streets in the world! Noisy neighbours can be very difficult to deal with and can seriously affect your quality of life.