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Improving The Restaurant Experience with Acoustic Panels

Jun 27, ’23


Table of Contents

Enhancing Dining Experience with Acoustic Panels

We all have a favourite restaurant; it’s where families get together to tell stories, and couples go to catch up and unwind.

For restaurants, creating a dining experience that will stay with you as a happy memory, goes beyond serving delicious food and delivering a five-star service. One crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed when designing a restaurant is the impact of noise on customer satisfaction.

How many times have you found yourself straining to hear your friend’s words over the noise of a bustling restaurant?

In this article, we will explore the benefits of incorporating acoustic panels into restaurants and coffee shops, focusing on their impact on noise reduction, customer satisfaction, and overall ambience.

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Silencing Noise Pollution in Restaurants

Where flavours fuse, and appetites bloom, a noisy room can harm your evening out with friends. It’s a factor that all types of restaurants, from cosy coffee shops to elegant dining establishments, must consider to be successful. Recent studies have shown that many restaurants need to pay more attention to the noise pollution generated by their customers in their dining rooms, failing to realise its significant impact on the overall experience. Did you know that noise can easily ruin a tasty meal?

Yes! In fact, the way we perceive food can vary depending on the surrounding environment; a dark, smelly or loud room can alter the way our taste buds perceive what we eat. For example, the food’s saltiness, sweetness and even the “liking” diminished when food is eaten under noisy conditions of 75 -85 dB.

Understanding the Phenomenon of ‘Loudness’

Imagine this scenario: you are enjoying a delectable meal and conversing with a friend, but the noise levels are so high that you can barely understand each other. The Lombard effect, which refers to the involuntary tendency of speakers to raise their voices in the presence of background noise, kicks in.

As a result, the overall volume in the room increases, leading to even louder conversations and a chaotic atmosphere. Such an environment detracts from the pleasure of dining and diminishes the overall customer experience.

In recent years, restaurants seem to be increasingly neglecting this problem. Soundprint, a leading company specialising in acoustics research, collected over 60,000 submissions from various restaurants, revealing alarming noise levels.

On average, UK restaurants recorded a sound level of 79dB during dinner hours, exceeding the recommended limit for comfortable conversation. On busy days, some restaurants even reached a deafening 90 dB.

On the same platform, customers have started to rate the restaurants by providing specific feedback about the noise and the overall vibe of the environment, which lead to decreasing affluence on the noisy restaurants.

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Managing Costs: Avoiding Noisy Consequences

In addition to the unpleasant customer experience, it’s also proven that this problem can generate a remarkable loss in restaurateurs’ revenues.

In a comprehensive study conducted by the Acoustic Society of America, the researchers explored the effects of ambient noise on customer satisfaction and consumption patterns.

Notably, the study revealed that for every 1 decibel (dB) increase in noise level, restaurant sales decreased by approximately 1%. This finding underscores the significance of managing noise levels to maintain customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

The statistics supporting the power of an unhappy customer are staggering. 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain. 91% will leave and never come back. A dissatisfied customer shares their experience with between 9-15 people. 13% of unhappy customers tell 20 people or more.

What Can I Do To Solve This Problem?

In the dream of creating the perfect dining ambience, restaurant owners and designers constantly seek innovative solutions that marry functionality and aesthetics. This is where the Acoustic Panels Vibe by Vision come into play.

These cutting-edge panels effectively control noise levels and add a touch of visual appeal to restaurant spaces. The unique feature of Vibe by Vision lies in its integration of customisable graphic designs and patterns into the sound absorbing wall art.

By incorporating visually captivating elements, these Acoustic panels for walls transform sound-absorbing tools into stunning works of art. They will seamlessly blend with your restaurant’s interior decor.

Whether it’s nature-inspired motifs, abstract patterns, or branded imagery, the Acoustic Panels Vibe by Vision will allow you infinite creative possibilities. With Vibe by Vision, you can create a distinctive and harmonious atmosphere that engages all the senses, leaving a lasting impression on customers.


Which One To Choose?

When considering the right option for a restaurant, selecting the right panels and determining their optimal placement is essential. The experts at Vibe by Vision help you find the perfect sound absorbing wall art by tailoring them to your unique space concept.

Together we will choose the panels with the sound absorption coefficients that meet the space’s specific needs. The panel’s thickness, density, and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating are factors we will also consider at this stage.


Where Is The Best Placement?

After choosing the style and the type of panels, the experts will identify the key areas where noise control is crucial. These often include dining areas, bar sections, and spaces with high customer interaction. Walls, ceilings, and even floors are potential surfaces for panel installation.

A well-designed acoustic treatment plan is a balance between functionality and aesthetics.
Incorporating acoustic panels for walls into your restaurant is an investment in customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and the overall success of the establishment.

By handling the issue of noise pollution head-on, you’ll prove your commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail and enjoy a more comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable time in your restaurant.

Soundproofing solutions In our noisy world are becoming a must-have. They don’t just give you a quieter space – they can also make your dining room look great. So, if you’re dreaming of a peaceful, stylish space, our acoustic panels are the perfect solution for you!

Contact Vibe by Vision today and explore our complete customisable range of Acoustic panels. Or call us at +353 1 450 0622


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