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Calmtone Fins™

Sustainable Acoustic Ceiling Panels with Thermal Insulation & Lighting Integration

Vibe Calmtone Fins are crafted from sustainable, compressed polyester, offering not only acoustic and thermal insulation but also impact resistance.

No matter the layout of your space, the panels’ versatile design enables seamless integration of efficient lighting systems.

Our team of experts are ready to help you design and implement a customised acoustic solution that meets your specific needs.

Size: 12-24 mm & 40 mm

Dimensions Available in two depths 12mm and 24mm.
Panel size: 2800mm x 1200mm.
Density 12mm: 2.4 kg/m² or 24mm: 3.5 kg/m²
Materials 100% Polyester Fiber (PET) – 65% recycled material
Installation System Direct fix to the wall or on battens
Microbial Performance ASTM G21 – 15 Growth rating: 0 (No growth).
Acoustic Resistance 12mm: 0.45, 0.80
24mm: 0.75, 0.95
Thermal Resistance RO.82 (@15°)
VOC Concentration 0.009 mg/m3 (7 days)
Water Vapor Absorption ASTM C1104 / C1104-13a Test conditions:
49°C, 95%RH Water vapor absorbed and adsorbed after 4 days: 0.4% by weight
Impact Resistance ISO 7892:1988
Colour Fastness ISO 105-X12:2016
Dry rating: 4-5 (Highest = 5)
Wet rating: 4-5 (Highest = 5)
Fire Resistance Classification
ISO 9705: Classification Group 1-S, AS
ISO 9705 – 2003 Classification Group 1
EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Classification B – s2, d2
12mm Class D NRC 0.45 Direct Fix
Class B NRC 0.80 with 50mm Air Gap
24mm Class C NRC 0.75 Direct Fix
Class B NRC 0.75 with 50mm Air Gap
40mm Class C NRC 0.75 Direct Fix
Class B NRC 0.75 with 50mm Air Gap
  • Available in two depths 25 and 50 mm.
  • Incorporates switches, sockets and services.
  • Can be built around curved or angled walls.
  • Lighting can be added into the system.
  • Use textiles from brand leading manufacturers
  • In-house printing of images or graphics.
  • In-house laser etch graphics.
  • Anti-Microbial Performance on request.
  • Commercial Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Home Cinemas
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Libraries

Colour Options

2000+ colour options 

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