A Sound Decision: Discover the 2023 Superior Acoustical Panel Systems for Guest Satisfaction.

Aug 16, ’23


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The Noise Problem In The Hotel Sector

Picture this situation: You’ve had a full day of travelling, exploring, and attending meetings in a vibrant city. The clock strikes midnight, and you finally return to your hotel room, enthusiastic to relax and recharge for the adventures that await you the next day.

As you sink into the comfort of your bed, your eyes heavy with fatigue, a sense of tranquillity washes over you.

But as you’re drifting off, an unexpected disruption shatters the serenity. Because of the lack of an acoustical panel system, laughter and chatter from the neighbouring room pierce through the walls and instantly wake you up.

In hotels, rest and rejuvenation are fundamental to the core business values. Such unwelcome intrusions can disrupt the guests’ sleep and negatively affect reviews. For hotel owners, addressing noise-related challenges is essential to ensure guest satisfaction and maintain a sterling reputation in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry.

The analysis carried out by Tripadvisor , took in consideration 5,683 online guest reviews for hotels in 20 key tourist destinations. The result unveiled a common concern among consumers – noise.

In all the 20 cities, noise emerges as the No. 1 most common complaint by hotel guests. The consequences of unwanted noise extend beyond mere inconvenience; they can have severe implications for hotel businesses.

What Guests Thinks About Noise

According to the survey, 86% of people are less likely to recommend a hotel if they’ve had a negative experience related to noise disruptions. Furthermore, 60% of guests signal their frustration by leaving negative online reviews rather than complaining to hotel staff directly. The impact of these reviews should be considered, as 82% of prospective guests are influenced by multiple bad reviews, leading them to avoid staying in such hotels altogether.

The International Acoustic Comfort Institute, based in Spain, has created the “Acoustic Comfort Seal”, a mark that guarantees a rest without noise to the users of the establishments that have obtained this distinction. The invention of this award shows how important it is for customers to select a quiet and stress-free destination.

To safeguard the hotel’s reputation and bottom line, addressing noise issues becomes crucial. Hotels need to understand the importance of acoustic comfort and its direct correlation to guest satisfaction.

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The Financial Implications of Noise Problems in Hotels

The financial impact of noise-related problems in hotels can be substantial. Dissatisfied guests, who endure noise disturbances during their stay, are less likely to return to the property and more inclined to share their grievances through negative online reviews. As a result, the hotel’s reputation needs to improve, leading to a decline in bookings.

ReviewPro’s analysis reveals that guest complaints about noise surpass other concerns, emphasising the criticality of addressing these issues promptly. Potential guests often prioritise online reviews mentioning sleep quality before making a reservation, highlighting the direct link between acoustic comfort and booking decisions.

A negative online reputation due to noise issues can deter potential guests, costing the hotel business dearly. To mitigate financial losses, hotels have to invest in effective acoustic solutions that control noise levels and contribute to a positive guest experience.

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Harmony Redefined: Acoustical Panel System

In the search for the perfect, relaxing experience, hotel owners and designers continually seek innovative solutions that marry functionality and aesthetics. Here’s where our help comes into play. The acoustic panels Vibe by Vision offer a practical and visually appealing option for acoustic conditioning hotel spaces.

They will boast an elegant design that seamlessly adapts to any room style. The decorative acoustic panels Vibe by Vision are designed to deliver remarkable results, with an exceptional noise reduction capability of up to 70%. But the benefits extend beyond noise reduction.

Customers who experience quiet and calm surroundings are more likely to return and are ultimately more satisfied with their stay. The panels create a distinctive and harmonious atmosphere, engaging all the senses and leaving a lasting impression on guests.

acoustical panel system, art hanging on the wallwith red, blue, cream, pink shapes on a brown background.

How to choose the perfect option

Acoustic ceiling lights, decorative acoustic panels, acoustic curtains, the variables might seem many, don’t worry! The experts at Vibe by Vision will help you find the perfect acoustical panel system by tailoring it to your preferences and to your unique space concept.

Upon selecting the desired style and decorative acoustic panels type, our next step is to identify key areas where noise control is crucial, which often include dining areas, bar sections, and guests’ rooms.

This stage involves considering factors such as panel thickness, density, and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating to design the most effective acoustic system. Working together, we’ll choose panels with sound absorption coefficients that precisely match your style and cater to the specific acoustic needs of the space.

Where Is The Best Placement?

When considering the right option for your hotel, selecting the right panels and determining their optimal placement is essential. Walls, ceilings, and even floors are potential surfaces for panel installation. A well-designed acoustical panel system is a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

One unique feature of the decorative acoustic panels Vibe by Vision is their integration of customisable graphic designs and patterns into the sound-absorbing wall art.

These acoustic panel systems transform into stunning works of art, blending effortlessly with the hotel’s interior decor. The creative possibilities are endless, from nature-inspired motifs to abstract patterns and branded imagery. This way you can elevate the interior decor or decide to radically change the interior style.

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By handling the issue of noise pollution head-on, you’ll prove your commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail and enjoy a more comfortable and memorable time in your hotel.

Soundproofing solutions in our noisy world are becoming a must-have. If you’re dreaming of a peaceful, stylish space for your hotel, our acoustic ceiling lights are the perfect solution for you!

Any questions? Contact Vibe by Vision today and explore or call us at +353 1 450 0622 today! We will be delighted to take care of all your needs.

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