How Acoustic Panels Can Help Reduce Noise Pollution

Jan 13, ’23


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How Acoustic Panels Can Help Reduce Noise Pollution


Vibe by Vision Acoustics specialises in providing the highest quality acoustic panels, which are designed to help you maintain the peace and quiet of your home or office even while it’s surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. But do they really work? Are they really worth the money? Let’s explore how acoustic panels can reduce noise pollution and make your environment much more liveable.

Acoustic Panels and Outside Noise

Acoustic panels are one way to help reduce noise pollution from the outside world. They can be installed on walls and ceilings to help reduce outside noise, as well as sound coming from inside the room. They do cut down on an echo or reverb effect that can happen in a large open space with hard surfaces such as cement or brick. In contrast, wood paneling absorbs sound waves so it’s not reflected back into the room which creates an open, spacious feel.

Benefits of using commercial soundproofing

Commercial soundproofing is used in many different industries. In the world of commercial soundproofing, acoustic panels are one of the most popular methods for reducing noise pollution. One of the benefits of using acoustic panels for soundproofing is that they are inexpensive and easy to install. Another benefit is that they offer excellent sound absorption qualities and can be easily customised to fit any room size or shape. This means you can choose a panel that will best suit your needs, whether it’s something small like an office cubicle or something larger like a warehouse space.

Varying Soundproofing Materials

Noise pollution is a growing concern in our society. From construction sites too busy roads, noise can have a major impact on our daily lives. There are many different materials that acoustic panels are made of, each with different pros and cons. The first is foam panels, which are often the most affordable option. They are great for absorbing sound and can be found in places like schools and hospitals. They do have the disadvantage of being less durable than other options and they don’t offer as much soundproofing as some other materials. Next is fabric panels, which offer great sound absorption as well as durability. Fabric panels are especially useful in rooms that need an acoustically reflective surface because they can also reflect sound waves back into the room. Check out Vibe By Vision to see our wide range of unique materials offerings for acoustic panels.

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