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Zendesk – Dublin

Acoustic Treatment Project



Custom: Layered, Print

The Acoustic Treatment

At Vision, we take pride in transforming spaces, and our Calmtone product stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. For a company like Zendesk, we’ve layered their walls with the sophisticated Calmtone finish, seamlessly blending acoustic functionality with aesthetic finesse. To add a touch of contemporary brilliance, we’ve integrated LED lighting, creating an ambience that’s both calming and visually striking.

But we don’t stop there. Introducing the Wood Effect Print Collection finish, we’ve enhanced Zendesk’s workspace branding with the natural warmth of wood, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Vibe by Vision’s commitment to crafting spaces that harmonize functionality, style, and innovation is evident in every detail.

Elevate your environment with Vibe by Vision’s Calmtone, where acoustic brilliance meets design sophistication.

Calmtone—Modular PET Acoustic Panels

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