Our journey is focused on actually reducing the carbon footprint and emissions of acoustic panels.

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Our purpose and vision

Our journey is focused on actually reducing the journey or carbon footprint and emissions of products. If products are sourced as locally as possible carbon emissions are reduced and the product can be truly called sustainable. Shipping goods from the other side of the world even if they are made from recycled materials or biodegrade still comes with a cost to the environment. Rising shipping costs and lead times also make a strong argument for sourcing locally sourced products for acoustics solutions.

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Reducing carbon footprint by offering locally produced wools, fabrics and textiles, recycled pet polyester acoustics, wood paneling, acoustics insulation.

Vibes research team has developed a unique acoustics insulation from hemp which is carbon negative, biodegradable and produced locally in Ireland, UK and Germany. Vibe provides total transparency on the supply chain logistics and source of all our materials

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We are here to create remarkable experiences

We are a responsible and sustainable company that aims to have a positive impact on the environment, the people around us and for future generations. To this end, we have developed a sustainability strategy that follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to maintaining and developing sustainable practices, as the environment, we are building plays a key role in achieving our goals.

Our Commitments

Throughout our 25 years in the industry, we have completed countless projects, including interior design and the creation and installation of acoustics, branding, and other similar interior solutions. We work with experts in a variety of sectors to provide a superior service.

Combining the disciplines of innovative industrial design, interior design, sustainability design innovation, sound engineering and acoustics analysis, our international team of experts has collaborated to deliver a collection that focuses on giving designers total control over the products, colour, finish and performance.

Our art and production design department at Vibe By Vision has over 30 years of experience delivering global branding projects for leading companies. Our team will facilitate design collaboration and consultation, artwork generation and sample production to ensure your project’s needs are met at every step of the design journey.

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Our Missions:


At Vibe By Vision, we are committed to providing high-quality products while maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle. That's why we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by offering locally produced wool, fabrics and textiles, recycled polyester pet acoustics, wood panels, and acoustic insulation.


To ensure that our products are made with the best quality materials possible, our R&D team test our acoustic panels to evaluate their sound absorption and transparency properties, providing our clients with only the best acoustic solutions.


With a vast offering of textile solutions, our clients have the ability to choose designs that best match any project. Our system is created to be completely versatile with your choices of fabric and textiles.


Vibe By Vision pride itself on our transparency, and we provide supply chain logistics as required, as well as the provenance of all our materials.

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sustainability pillars


Environmental protection and resource conservation are an integral part of Vibe By Vision’s business practices– from production to company management. We follow the UN Sustainable Goals. Specialists from our array of departments meet regularly as an environmental group to identify and evaluate sustainable optimisation practices and make plans for their implementation.

Climate change

We work together to make a positive impact on the environment, on people and on the next generations. Our journey is focused on actually reducing the travel or carbon footprint and emissions of products.

An ecofriendly product cycle

From ideation to end product development, we ensure that every step of the product development process has a minimal carbon footprint. We all have a duty to keep our products as sustainable as possible for the next generation.

Sustainable supply chain

With a mandate to only purchase from suppliers of the highest integrity, we insist on upholding standards that are both ethical and sustainable. We take pride in selecting suppliers from Ireland, UK, and Germany who share our commitment to making this world an even better place for all human beings.

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Our Certification

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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Ireland

GreenRate – Level A

Acoustic Panels: GreenRate–Level A

Environmental certificates

Declare – International Living Future Institute

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Environmental certificates

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

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Environmental certificates

CDPH Standard

Acoustic Panels: CDPH Standard

Environmental certificates

ISO Certifications

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Environmental certificates

Green Star

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Building rating systems

WELL Building Institute

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Building rating systems

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