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The Acoustic Treatment

In shaping the acoustic landscape for Takeda, Vibe by Vision skillfully integrated various advanced solutions from our bespoke acoustic collection.


Calmtone sets the tone for modernity with its sharp, blade-cut precision and customizable options, while Bass, with its sleek felt finish, enhances sound absorption without compromising aesthetics. Duet contributes a dual-layered innovation, ensuring durability and functionality. Whereas Wave, characterized by its precise corrugated design, offers both a distinctive visual element and superior acoustic performance.

The Takeda project’s blend of Calmtone, Bass, Duet, and Wave ensures both structural soundness and superior acoustic performance. This mix reflects Vibe by Vision’s focus on creating tailored solutions that integrate design, sustainability, and innovation, aligning closely with Takeda’s vision.


Calmtone—Modular PET Acoustic Panels

Central to the Takeda project is Calmtone, Vibe by Vision’s modular PET acoustic panels, made from 65% recycled PET. These panels offer advanced design flexibility, allowing for a range of custom shapes, hues, and potentially 3D effects. This adaptability ensures a tailored acoustic solution that aligns perfectly with Takeda’s vision. Enhancing the design further, these panels feature artistic cut-out patterns that are suspended from the ceiling, introducing a dynamic and creative aspect to the overall space.

Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels:

In the Takeda project, Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels from Vibe by Vision play a key role. These panels use a stretch fabric system, offering a range of fabric and felt choices for design flexibility. They feature Basotect®, a lightweight, open-cell melamine foam with excellent fire resistance and acoustic properties, suitable for both wall and ceiling applications. Bass panels offer streamlined mounting and incorporate laser-etched detailing for a refined look. Additionally, the core foam is 100% recyclable, aligning with sustainable practices.

Duet—Dual Layer Acoustic Panels:

In the Takeda project, the Duet panels emerge as an innovative dual-layered acoustic solution, layering felt on top of cork or compressed polyester. Duet’s sleek and practical design enables easy installation and minimal intrusion. The felt comes in two varieties: recycled polyester felt, made of 96% recycled material and available in 55 colours, and German-manufactured wool felt, offered in 75 colours. These felts are available in widths of 2mm to 5mm, depending on the material. Wool felt, in particular, is biodegradable and compostable, adding to Duet’s sustainable appeal. This combination of durability, aesthetic flexibility, and environmental consideration makes Duet an integral part of the Takeda project’s acoustic strategy.

Wave—Corrugated Acoustic Panels:

Wave corrugated acoustic panels, integral to the Takeda project, are designed for superior sound absorption and acoustic performance. These panels, with a corrugated wave pattern, offer extensive customization in colour and fabric. They are comprised of 70% locally sourced materials and are completely assembled in Ireland. Notably, Wave panels feature precision cut-out finishing, allowing them to adapt seamlessly to wall sockets and other architectural features. This design, coupled with the highest acoustic rating in Vibe by Vision’s product line, makes them a perfect fit for Takeda’s wall installations.

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